Naveed Sahab

Welcome to my website! My name is NAVEED SAHAB, and I am a professional nutritionist with years of experience in the field. On this website, I will be sharing my knowledge and expertise to help you understand all there is to know about protein and how to calculate your daily protein requirements.

My Passion

As a nutritionist, I have seen firsthand the importance of protein in our diets. Protein is a vital nutrient that helps to build and repair muscles, tissues, and cells in our bodies. It is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system, preventing disease, and ensuring overall wellness.

However, many people struggle to get enough protein in their daily diets, which can have negative impacts on their health and well-being. That’s where I come in. Through this website, I will provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your protein intake.


My Goals

Using my protein calculator, you can easily determine how much protein you need based on your age, gender, weight, and activity level. I will also be sharing helpful tips and advice on the best sources of protein, whether you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian, or vegan.

In addition to protein, I will also be sharing valuable information about other essential nutrients and how they can benefit your health. With my expert guidance, you can develop a well-rounded diet that meets all your nutritional needs.

So, whether you’re an athlete looking to build muscle, a busy professional trying to stay healthy, or just someone interested in learning more about nutrition, you’ve come to the right place. With my help, you can take control of your health and achieve your wellness goals.

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